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"It's dusty, catchy, and shout-along friendly music to drink beer to, and best-case scenario...get laid to"

                                                                                       - Stefan Nilsson, Roppongi Rocks Magazine



"The Babes are hard rock'n'roll doused in Southern Comfort. They are a MUST-SEE when they roll into your town!"

- ZRockR Magazine, Las Vegas

"Take the opportunity to see them on the small stage while you can; a band that in five years will be back in Japan, but at the Budokan!" 

                                                                                                                                - Glenn Williams, Writer in Japan Blog

"This band is a total force of nature. YOU. MUST. EXPERIENCE. THEM!"

- Marcus Hamence, Scene TV



"I'm very happy to hear the original old school styles of rock and metal still thrive! The Babes are creating today's music for tomorrow!"                                                                                                                       -Legendary U.S ANVIL vocalist, Lips Kudlow


"Some bands have that indefinable ‘something’ – an attitude and a belief that both transcends the music they make and also helps define it. The Babes are just such a band."

 - Rockpit Magazine


With a drum kit resplendent with motorbike parts and sleaze attitude straight out of a Motley Crue video, they hit hard; they played hard and they slayed even harder."                                                                               

-TEO Magazine

"The Babes wear their influences proudly on their tight, black, leather sleeves, but they bring a new twist to the raunchy sounds of the 70s and 80s glam and hair metal sound."                                 

-3D Radio Australia, James Murphy



"The Babes; straight up, in your face, Rock n' Roll the way it should be!"

                                        -Metal Factory & Women of Metal Radio Host Jayson Shell, U.S.A



"The Babes' song "Wolfman" is like a horror movie version of AC/DC's T.N.T, these guys are awesome!"                         

-Queens of Noise Magazine, U.S.A



"Donna D on guitar, is the next Orianthi, you have to see her"

                                                                                -The Rock Review, MickMetzer



"Moni Lashes drums like KISS' Eric Singer, but in a diamond bra"                                                     -Hit Like A Girl Drum Review



Newspaper/Press about The Babes

Awarded Clip of the Week by The Hard Rock Show

Special guest appearance on Vegas Live

TOMTOM MAGAZINE (U.S) featuring Moni Lashes

GUITARSPY's Interview with guitarist Donna D:


Awarded "Clip of The Week"

Check out the following stations and request your favourite Babes tracks!


Metal Factory, U.S.A

True Rock Radio, Australia

Triple M, Australia

102 The Cue, USA

Insane Realm Radio, U.S.A

Coast FM The Rock Show, Australia

Witchez Brew, U.S.A

Noize Level Critical, U.K

Usual Suspects Show, U.K

The Aggression Session, Australia

WOW FM, Australia

3D Radio, Australia


Scream Rock Radio, Australia

JustinSane Show, U.S.A

Core FM, UK

Hell's Angels Radio, U.S.A

Australian Muso Online Show, Australia

The Radelaide Review, Australia

Radio Adelaide, Australia

Guardian Promo Show, U.S.A

and many more!

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